A Weekend in Copenhagen

Wow – how is it April already?! 2018 is flying by!

Earlier this year I booked a last-minute spontaneous trip to Copenhagen with the girls, and what a brilliant decision that was! The city was wonderful, as pretty as i’d imagined and I would return at the click of a finger. Even in a freezing cold January (it was around -7 degrees!!) the city looked stunning, and there was plenty to do and see.

So why should you visit Copenhagen? Here’s my top 5 reasons!

1. Its extremely colourful


Here is one of the most photographed areas of Copenhagen… Nyhavn. This canal lined with beautifully coloured buildings, has an array of boats and restaurants, and looks beautiful both on a sunny day and a dark evening. My recommendation.. take a boat ride from here around the city – its definitely worth the money! Wind down the small canals to see some of the wonders of the city with a guide to tell you everything you would want to know.

2. There is plenty to do…



Whether you like castles, museums, gardens, churches or simply a bit of shopping, there is plenty to do! Copenhagen is breaming with fun things, suitable for everybody, and some of my favourites included the Carlsberg experience, Rosenborg Castle and the Rundetaarn (a tall round tower – beautiful views across the city).

3. If you’re a Disney fan you’ll love the little mermaid!

Thats right, Copenhagen has a Disney link! Based on the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, the statue of the little mermaid has been here since 1913. Despite multiple acts of vandalism, the statue has each time been restored for thousands to visit each year.


4. You can walk almost EVERYWHERE

We only got one bus during our stay, which was to the Carlsberg brewery. Other than that we just walked and walked and walked. In my opinion, city breaks are about exploring and finding those cute and quirky streets that you would miss if travelling on public transport or by taxi. We found walking about the city, with plenty of amazing coffee shops to stop off at on our travels. But don’t worry, if you prefer to take other means of transport Copenhagen has fantastic bus routes!


5. The food…

We had some pretty good food in Copenhagen, and one of my favourites had to be the Danish delicacy, Smørrebrød. This is essentially an open sandwich, with incredible toppings (normally fish based – although I enjoyed a chicken one).


So there we go, a little taster of Copenhagen from you and a definite recommendation from me! If you liked this post and would like to see similar ones in the future please comment below.

Much love,

Beth x


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