How To Be More Organised In 2019

How To Be More Organised In 2019

Its a very rare person among us who doesn’t feel the need to get more organised. I would consider myself a pretty organised person. I love a list, a planner and a schedule. But of course, there are times when I get a little lax, and there is most definitely always room for improvement.

If you’re already organised, chances are you are still curious as to what others do to keep organised. As such, there should be something for everyone in this list – whether you’re looking for some tips and tricks, or are simply curious. Being a new year, it gives us all a chance to make some small changes that will go a long way when we look to becoming more organised.

Being organised helps us to keep a clear mind, reducing stress and, in our already busy lives, organisation helps to bring about some clarity and calmness – which I just love! Anything that we can do to make life a little easier, is definitely attractive to me.

So what can you do? Here’s a few of the things I do to add a little bit of organisation into my life:

1. I live by my planner

I have always been a huge planner user. I like to look at my events and activities in front of me, and see what time I have available and when. For me, there is just something quite satisfying about having your life laid out in front of you in full visibility. It helps me to get a sense of how busy my week ahead is, and to pre-plan anything that will need to get done.

This year I have taken a different approach to using a planner, by starting a bullet journal (and I’ll be doing a couple of blog posts on this in the future – don’t worry 😉 ). For those who don’t know, a bullet journal is essentially a book full of dotted paper that you can then customise yourself, to create your ideal planner/notebook/journal – whatever you fancy!


I use weekly spreads across a double page, to plan out my week and to also track my sleep, water and fruit + veg intake (something I’m looking to improve this year). I also use the weekly spread to summarise my to-do list, food plans for the week and remind myself of anything else (be it a motivational quote, a birthday reminder or other).


If you don’t use a planner, why not give it a try? It really does help me to keep my life in check.

2. Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise.

It can be so so easy to become overwhelmed by the 136495 things we want/need/are asked to do, so prioritising these can be a total saviour. Giving ourselves time to sit down and decide what should be done now and what can wait until later on can be an excellent way of de-cluttering our minds and helping us to see more clearly. I like to do this both at work and at home, creating separate lists (ok – I love a list) and numbering tasks to help me know what to focus on first. By working full time and studying for a masters at the same time, prioritisation is KEY.


3. Keep your room tidy

It may sound a bit daft, but making an effort to keep my room tidy really helps me to stay organised in other areas. When I come in from work, and have housework, studying, socialising and other things to do, the last thing I want to see is clothes and shoes on my floor and an unmade bed. So, everyday I make a point of making my bed and putting everything away in its place so that when I have a messy mind, there is at least a little bit of calm in my room!

4. Have some YOU time

Organisation isn’t just about being on time, being prepared and being tidy, its about giving yourself the time to organise yourself. Whether you want some time to relax with a face mask, to paint your nails, read a book or just rest your mind, this can do wonders for how you approach everything else you need to get done.

Giving yourself time to look after yourself could well be the key to being a more organised version of yourself!


I hope you enjoyed this read, and seen as I’m new to blogging any feedback would be much appreciated! Don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

Much love,

Beth x



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