So, here goes…

So, here goes…

Well this is all very new.. HELLO LOVELY PEOPLE!

And hello 2019 – wow, that feels weird to type. 2019? Really?

At the end of the year I set myself a few goals for this year, and aside from the obvious ones like exercising more and drinking more water, I wanted to set the goal of starting a blog. So on day 1.. here goes!

I’m pretty excited about starting a blog, but a little nervous at the same time. Thats normal right? I want to share my life stories, experiences, tips and advice to you everyone and thought what better way to do that than through a blog! Got to put my over-chatty personality to use somehow havent I?!

This year has been a pretty exciting year, and I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved! To give you an idea of my current situation, I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

I’m Beth.

I’m 24.

I work full time for a solar energy company.

I am studying an MSc in Environmental Management (I LOVE LEARNING – no shame whatsoever).

I live in London – its fun but breaks the bank (no regrets!).

I love anything to do with marine life and the ocean.. and I mean ANYTHING.

I don’t like tall buildings.

I spend too much on holidays (particularly to Disneyland), and am forever too excited about absolutely everything.

I struggle with anxiety.

And I want to make everyone smile!!

In a nut shell, thats me. A pretty standard 24 year old, who looks for the fun in life and wants to make the world just a little bit brighter. I hope this blog becomes a place for me to share the things in life that make me happy, and I look forward to learning a lot in the process.

So, here goes…

Much love,

Beth x


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